How many shares are allocated by Aramco to Individuals?

The people who have invested in Saudi Aramco shares IPO are curious to know how many shares have been allocated to them? The wait is over! 

The Aramco IPO was oversubscribed both by the institutional investor and individual investors. We recommended our readers to buy Aramco shares in the IPO as it is bound to increase its value. 

  • 28th November 2019 was the last date of making an investment to the IPO.
  • On the 5th December, the Aramco set the final price to be SR 32 per share.

How many shares are allocated by Aramco to Individuals?

People who invested in the Aramco shares were keen to know how many shares Saudi Aramco has been allocated to them. Today, on the 6th of December, Saudi Aramco has announced that it will distribute up to 1,500 shares to each individual subscriber in its IPO. The remaining shares will be allotted pro-rata based at a ratio of 10.941%.

It means that;

  • People who invested in 500 shares will get 500 shares of Aramco.
  • People who invested in 1500 shares will get 1500 shares of Aramco
  • People who invested in 2000 shares will get 1,555 shares.

The following table explains the number of shares allocated by Saudi Aramco to individual investors.

The Saudi Aramco will refund the money of unsubscribed shares by 12th December 2019.

The Saudi Aramco shares will start floating on the Saudi Stock Exchange in the month of December.

Investors who hold shares for a period of 180 days, will get 10% additional bonus shares.

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