Shameless behavior: A Fashion and Dance show held at a Saudi Hospital

The Saudi Kingdom is progressing too fast toward modernization but it is clear that any immoral step taken by its people will not be tolerated. A few weeks ago, a video of a fashion show sparked outrage in the Kingdom. More interesting to hear is that the video does not belong to a fashion or a movie industry but to a hospital.

Prince Mohammad Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital

According to some sources the video of an alleged fashion show and dance performance belongs to an event held at Riyad’s Prince Mohammad Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital and was a part of an international nurse day that was annually marked on May 12.

This video capturing the dace show sparked an intense online backlash and the official spokesman for the hospital Falah Al- Shemmari issued a statement on this matter.

He cleared that there was an event that was held in the hospital on Thursday but there was another private function outside the premises of the hospital.

He confirmed that the viral video was not held at the hospital on Thursday but it was the video of the private event. However, people were still angered and did not believe in the clarification of the video by the officials.

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People reaction on the video

While many people thought that there was nothing wrong with the video and people are uselessly making it a big thing. It is everyone’s right to get entertain and everything is normal in the video.

Majority reaction was totally weird and demanded to suspend all the people who appeared in the video saying such incidents should not be allied inside the hospital premises.

While many people were doubted about the video saying that there is nothing in this video that proves that this all happened in the Kingdom or in the Hospital.

Some said it was a video of a party that was held for Filipino employees and it is private and we are no more living in an era where we try to interfere in other people cultures and are also impose our rules and regulations on their personal lives.

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