Nasab Nama or Family Tree of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

The nasab nama, shajra or family tree of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is available till Prophet Adam A.S. which we have produced here in the Arabic and English.

Do you know the name of your 5th or 6th father? I am sure, 99% of you don’t know about it. I am sure that there is no one on the earth whose Nasab Nama is saved by Allah in a way the Shajra or family of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is saved in the Arabic language.

Anyone can trace the Nasab nama or family tree of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W from his father Abdullah to Prophet Adam A.S. If you read it carefully, it is evident that among 80 forefathers of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W given in the below Nasab Nama or family tree, only 6 were prophets.

Nasab Nama or Family Tree of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

  1. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W
  2. Hazrat Abdullah
  3. Hazrat Abdul Mutlib
  4. Hazrat Hashim
  5. Hazrat Abd e Mannaf
  6. Hazrat Qusai
  7. Hazrat Kilab
  8. Hazrat Murra
  9. Hazrat Ka’b
  10. Hazrat Lo’i
  11. Hazrat Ghalib
  12. Hazrat Fahr
  13. Hazrat Malik
  14. Hazrat An nadr
  15. Hazrat Kinana
  16. Hazrat Khuzaima
  17. Hazrat Mudraika
  18. Hazrat Ilyas
  19. Hazrat Mudar
  20. Hazrat Nizaar
  21. Hazrat Ma’ad
  22. Hazrat Adnan
  23. Hazrat Awad
  24. Hazrat Humaisa
  25. Hazrat Salaman
  26. Hazrat Awz
  27. Hazrat Buz
  28. Hazrat Qamwal
  29. Hazrat Obai
  30. Hazrat ‘awwan
  31. Hazrat Nashid
  32. Hazrat Hiza
  33. Hazrat Baldas
  34. Hazrat Yadlaf
  35. Hazrat Tabikh
  36. Hazrat Jahim
  37. Hazrat Nahish
  38. Hazrat Makhi
  39. Hazrat Ae’fi
  40. Hazrat Abqar
  41. Hazrat Ubaid
  42. Hazrat Ad daha
  43. Hazrat Hamdan
  44. Hazrat Sanbar
  45. Hazrat Yasribi
  46. Hazrat Yahzin
  47. Hazrat Yalhan
  48. Hazrat Ir’awa
  49. Hazrat Aizi
  50. Hazrat Zeeshan
  51. Hazrat Aisar
  52. Hazrat Afnad
  53. Hazrat Aiham
  54. Hazrat Mukasir
  55. Hazrat Nahis
  56. Hazrat Zarih
  57. Hazrat Sami
  58. Hazrat Mazzi
  59. Hazrat Ewad
  60. Hazrat Iraam
  61. Hazrat Hedaar
  62. Prophet Ismail A.S
  63. Prophet Ibrahim A.S
  64. Hazrat Azar
  65. Hazrat Nahur
  66. Hazrat Saruj
  67. Hazrat Ra’u
  68. Hazrat Fahij
  69. Hazrat Abir
  70. Hazrat Arfahshad
  71. Hazrat Saam
  72. Prophet Noah A.S
  73. Hazrat Lamik
  74. Hazrat Matu Salikh
  75. Prophet Idrees A.S
  76. Hazrat Yarid
  77. Hazrat Malhal’il
  78. Hazrat Qinan
  79. Hazrat Anosh
  80. Hazrat Shees A.S
  81. Hazrat Adam A.S

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