Shajra Nasab of Hazrat Muhammad (Family Tree)

Do you know the name of your 5th or 6th father? I am sure, 99% of you don’t know about it. There is no one whose Shajra Nasab is saved by Allah in a way the family tree of Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ is saved.

Anyone can trace the Shajra Nasab of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ from his father Abdullah to Prophet Adam عليه السلام.

If you read it carefully, it is evident that among 80 forefathers of Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ given in the below Nasab Nama or family tree, only 7 were prophets.

Shajra Nasab of Hazrat Muhammad (Family Tree)

Shajra Nasab of Hazrat Muhammad

1- Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

2- Abdullah Ibn Abdul Mutlib.

3- Abdul Mutlib Ibn Hashim.

4- Hashim Ibn Abd e Mannaf.

5- Abd e Mannaf Ibn Qusai.

6- Qusai Ibn Kilab.

7- Kilab Ibn Murra.

8- Murra Ibn Ka’b.

9- Ka’b Ibn Lo’i.

10- Lo’i Ibn Ghalib.

11- Ghalib Ibn Fahr.

12- Fahr Ibn Malik.

13- Malik Ibn An nadr.

14- An nadr Ibn Kinana.

15- Kinana Ibn Khuzaima.

16- Khuzaima Ibn Mudraika.

17- Mudraika Ibn Ilyas.

18- Ilyas Ibn Mudar.

19- Mudar Ibn Nizaar.

20- Nizaar Ibn Ma’ad.

21- Ma’ad Ibn Adnan.

22- Adnan Ibn Awad.

23- Awad Ibn Humaisa.

24- Humaisa Ibn Salaman.

25- Salaman Ibn Awz.

26- Awz Ibn Buz.

27- Buz Ibn Qamwal.

28- Qamwal Ibn Obai.

29- Obai Ibn Awwan.

30- Awwan Ibn Nashid.

31- Nashid Ibn Hiza.

32- Hiza Ibn Baldas.

33- Baldas Ibn Yadlaf.

34- Yadlaf Ibn Tabikh.

35- Tabikh Ibn Jahim.

36- Jahim Ibn Nahish.

37- Nahish Ibn Makhi.

38- Makhi Ibn Ae’fi.

39- Ae’fi Ibn Abqar.

40- Abqar Ibn Ubaid.

41- Ubaid Ibn Ad daha.

42- Ad daha Ibn Hamdan.

43- Hamdan Ibn Sanbar.

44- Sanbar Ibn Yasribi.

45- Yasribi Ibn Yahzin.

46- Yahzin Ibn Yalhan.

47- Yalhan Ibn Ir’awa.

48- Ir’awa Ibn Aizi.

49- Aizi Ibn Zeeshan.

50- Zeeshan Ibn Aisar.

51- Aisar Ibn Afnad.

52- Afnad Ibn Aiham.

53- Aiham Ibn Mukasir.

54- Mukasir Ibn Nahis.

55- Nahis Ibn Zarih.

56- Zarih Ibn Sami.

57- Sami Ibn Mazzi.

58- Mazzi Ibn Ewad.

59- Ewad Ibn Iraam.

60- Iraam Ibn Hedaar.

61- Qeydaar Ibn Ismail.

62- Prophet Ismail عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ – Ishmael born in 1910 BC and died in in 1774 BC at the age of 136 years.

63- Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام was born in 1996 BC and died in 1821 BC at the age of 175 years.

64- Azar Ibn Nahor was born in 2071 BC and died in 1821 BC at the age of 250 years.

65- Nahor Ibn Serug was born in 2155 BC and died in 2007 BC at the age of 148 years.

66- Serug Ibn Raghu was born in 2185 BC and died in 1955 BC at the age of 230 years.

67- Raghu Ibn Faligh lived for 239 years.

68- Faligh Ibn Abir lived for 439 years.

69- Abir Ibn Arphaxad lived for 464 years.

70- Shalekh Ibn Arphaxad was born in 2311 BC and died in 1878 BC at the age of 433 years.

71- Arphaxad Ibn Shem was born in 2346 BC, 2 years after the great flood, and died in 1908 BC at the age of 438 years. He was the grandfather of Prophet Hud عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ.

72- Prophet Shem Ibn Noah عليه السلام was born in 2448 BC and died in 1848 BC at the age of 600 years.

73- Prophet Noah عليه السلام was born in 2948 BC and died in 1998 BC at the age of 950 years.

74- Lamik Ibn Methuselah was born in 3130 BC and died in 2353 t the afe of 777 years.

75- Methuselah Ibn Idris was born in 3317 BC and died in 2348 BC at the age of 969 years.

76- Prophet Idris عليه السلام was born in 3382 BC and died in 2517 at the age of 865 years.

77- Yarid Ibn Malhal’il was born in 3484 BC and died in 2582 BC at the age of 902 years.

78- Malhal’il Ibn Qinan was born in 3549 BC and died in 2654 BC at the age of 895 years.

79- Qinan Ibn Anosh was born in 3619 BC and died in 2709 BC at the age of 910 years.

80- Anosh Ibn Shees was born in 3709 BC and died 2804 BC at the age of 905 years.

81- Prophet Sheeth عليه السلام was born in 3874 BC and died in 2902 BC at the age of 972 years. 

82- Prophet Adam عليه السلام was sent down in 4004 BC and died in 3074 BC at the age of 930 years.

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