11 missing days in September 1752 calendar

Many of us don’t know the fact that there are 11 days missing in the calendar for the month of September 1752, here is the reason behind it. 

Why 11 days are missing?

The reason behind the missing 11 days in the month of September 1752 calendar is that this was the official year that England shifted its calendar from the Roman Julian Calendar to the Gregorian calendar.

The earlier version of the calendar i.e. Roman Julian Calendar was in fact 11 days longer than the Gregorian Calendar.

september 1752 calendar

Since this was a major issue in consolidating the two calendars, the King of England at the time, King George II, ordered that 11 days be completely removed from the month of September in 1752.

Roman Julian Calendar

In accordance with the Roman Julian Calendar, the month of April used to be the first month of the calendar. 

Well, you might have guessed it by now, if you haven’t, this is the exact moment in history that the 1st of April became April fool’s day. Therefore, the reason we celebrate April Fool’s Day has roots is missing 11 days in September 1752 calendar.

What about the monthly Salary?

As a direct consequence of the order of the King of England at the time, all the workers got the full monthly salary for September 1752 despite it having 11 days missing.

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