How are senior citizens treated in Saudi Arabia?

As people age their need for care increases. At the old age, most of the people suffer from Diabetes as well as hypertension. They not only need medical care but also special attention from their caregivers or kids. Their physical health weakens, and they become psychologically helpless: dependent upon their caregiver. They hope that they should be handled tactfully with good behavior and utmost respect.

We have often seen and even heard many stories about the kids who regard their parents as a burden in their old age. This might happen in some parts of the world but not in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country where Islamic Laws and regulations are applied, and people of Saudi Arabia keenly follow the Islamic method of living. Our religion teaches us to give great respect to elders and the youngers know that taking care of our elders is our religious duty.

How are senior citizens treated in Saudi Arabia?

The elderly people in the Kingdom are mostly taken care of by their children and relatives and they are treated in every best and possible way. The relatives are them, their kids or other family members, keep the elders at their home unless they are ill or must be hospitalized. Even at hospitals they are given special care and affection and provided with every basic need.

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No matter how old they get they are invited in every family functions, marriages, family gathering and they are given utmost respect by everyone. They are considered an important part of the family and their advice and decisions are respected.

In the Kingdom, elderly people are also known as history teller. The time when history was not recorded in the books and the information was passed orally from generation to generation, since that time our elderly family members provide us with the historic information. They tell us about ancient civilization and many other ancient things.

Are they thrown into old age homes?

By no means, a Saudi can even think of putting their parents in the old age homes, but they assume all these responsibilities and they take care of their elderly members gladly. They are never taken as a burden, they are neither ignored nor even made to feel they are a burden. They are important family members and they give a good opinion on how the work should be done.

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No doubt to say that they are the head of the family and are consulted in every family decision and they also guide the youngers about the right path to follow. Thus, they are active members of the family and play a vital role as the head of the family.

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