Which are the best Segwit-enabled Bitcoin Wallets?

Navigating the world of crypto can be challenging for newcomers, particularly with all the technical terms used in conversation. One crypto term that’s often encountered is “SegWit”, an acronym standing for Segregated Witness. SegWit is a proposed solution to bitcoin’s scaling debate – an issue that has become more important as the popularity of the cryptocurrency grows. Further, you can visit bitcoinsprint.nl

With its increasing adoption, it has become crucial for transactions on Bitcoin to be quick and cost-effective. Otherwise, critics can use this drawback against Bitcoin in their argument that it cannot match traditional banking systems when used as a payment method. In other words, SegWit offers a way forward to make sure transactional speeds and costs are up to standard with those found typically within bank payment processing times.

What are the advantages of Segwit?

One of the key benefits of SegWit is significant reductions in transaction fees – as much as 50-70%. Segwit-enabled Bitcoin wallets enable users to customize their transaction fees and make them more cost-effective. Additionally, miners spend less time and energy processing blocks which further reduces overall costs. As a result, you can enjoy reliably fast transactions at highly discounted rates.

There are numerous advantages to using SegWit-enabled Bitcoin wallets. Not only do these wallets charge significantly lower fees compared with legacy Bitcoin wallets, but they will also work with the upcoming Lightning Network – a second layer built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain that provides near-instant transactions. Moreover, this network relies on the SegWit protocol to function properly.

Which are Hardware Segwit Wallets?


Trezor is a Bitcoin and altcoin hardware wallet that enables users to securely store dozens of digital currencies like Litecoin, DASH, Zcash and Ethereum. One of its top features is being used for two-factor authentication (2FA) transactions: instead of receiving an SMS or email with a 2FA code, you can insert the Trezor device itself into your computer which automatically authenticates SegWit transactions.

Ledger Nano S

The Ledger Nano S is a USB-sized device designed to store up to 27 different coins, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. It features USB cable compatibility for plugging into your computer, as well as an embedded OLED screen used for confirming transactions. The hardware wallet also has SegWit capability for Bitcoin transactions and can be managed using the accompanying application or other popular wallet apps. Since its launch on the live bitcoin network, it has been supporting SegWit addresses since its inception.

Which are Mobile Segwit Wallets?


GreenAddress is a secure and user-friendly mobile wallet available on both Android and iOS. It comes with good security measures such as support for SegWit, as well as an optimized version of the app that can be built natively onto Android devices via F-Droid. This leaner app offers better performance and a more immersive user experience than its Google Play Store counterpart. Plus, GreenAddress also has a Chrome extension for desktop users who want to access their wallets in this way.


Since 2011, the Electrum wallet has been trusted and relied upon by Bitcoin enthusiasts. With an open-source technology implemented through SegWit and support across Android devices, Windows computers, Linux systems, and Macs; it provides users with plenty of options for their transaction fees in a secure manner. Experienced developers can also utilize their source code to compile the project from scratch.


The Samourai Bitcoin wallet is currently in an alpha version for Android devices, but users can sign up for early access. It has SegWit support and provides a privacy layer via PaymentNyms that offer total anonymity when sending funds to another person. This allows two wallets to be connected directly, meaning the sender’s Bitcoin address never needs to be communicated or shared again once established.

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