Islamic Meaning: Seeing Sun, Moon, Stars in a dream

Seeing the Sun, full Moon, shining stars, and planets together or separately in a dream could have many meanings in Islam, depending upon the situation. Here is the interpretation.

Seeing the Moon in a dream 

1- As per Ibn Sirin رحمة الله عليه, the most incredible dream interpreter of Islam, seeing a new moon or crescent in the dream indicates a son, profits, unexpected happiness, or outstanding achievements in Islam. 

2- Seeing 2,3 or multiple moons in a dream is interpreted as getting the opportunity to visit the Holy City of Makkah.

3- If clouds cover the moon in a dream, it indicates a brief illness or suggests termination of employment.

4- Seeing a full moon in a dream that stands high in the darkness indicates that the person will get the opportunity to offer a pilgrimage in the path of Islam.

5- Seeing a red moon in a dream signifies a miscarriage in Islam.

6- A moon falling towards Earth signifies a newborn coming to a family.

7- Seeing a moon that suddenly disappears in a dream indicates that the project one is undergoing will not be completed.

8- Holding a moon in a dream indicates receiving gifts.

9- Seeing a moon at the wrong position in a dream indicates the person’s death or an action that might cause him trouble in his life.

  • If you see such a dream, make sure to offer some sadaqah as soon as possible.

10 – Seeing yourself walking on the moon in a dream is a sign of the love of a mother.

11- When one dreams of seeing the moon inside their house, it symbolizes the arrival of a guest or traveler or getting married to a beautiful/handsome person.

12- If you see the moon sitting in your lap in a dream, it could be a sign that you will get married.

13- It is widely believed that if one sees a person’s face reflected in the moon in a dream, it clearly indicates the imminent death of the person whose face is seen.

14- Seeing the moon in a dream is believed to bring bad luck for a sick or traveling person, as it may indicate their imminent death or destruction.  

15- If someone dreams of the moon speaking to them, it suggests they will attain a high position.

16- If one witnesses a lunar eclipse, or if the moon appears opaque or turns red in a dream, it is believed to indicate that significant changes are on the horizon.

seeing moon in dream islam

Seeing the Sun in a dream

As per Ibn Sirin رحمة الله عليه, the most incredible dream interpreter of Islam, seeing the Sun in a dream indicates power and refers to the parents.

1- Seeing yourself getting the sun’s warmth in a dream indicates the removal of poverty and stress.

2- Seeing yourself seeking a shade of the sun in heat indicates wealth and comfort.

  • If an unmarried woman seeks shade, it indicates her marriage to a wealthy man.

3- Sunrise at a house is an indication of marriage or honor.

4- Seeing yourself having control of the sun in a dream represents that one shall acquire domination/land proportionate to his power over the sun.

5- Seeing the Sun moving above the clouds indicates death.

  • The sun covered in clouds indicates deteriorating health.

6- Seeing the Sun eclipse in a dream indicates a social crisis, such as seclusion due to conditions or parents.

7- Seeing yourself fighting with the Sun in a dream represents;

  • fight with parents.
  • Problems regarding the land.

8- Performing Sajda to the sun or moon in a dream clearly indicates committing a grave sin.

9- If one dreams of the sun and the moon performing Sajda to him, it could indicate his parents are happy with him.

Seeing the Sun in a dream

Seeing Stars in a Dream

Seeing stars or galaxies in a dream is a sign of being dominant.

1- Seeing yourself possessing or collecting stars indicates leadership.

2- Eating stars in a dream is a sign of enhanced wealth.

3- Seeing falling stars in a dream will make a wealthy man lose his wealth while letting the poor die.

  • Stars falling on the head of a sick person = Death.
  • Stars falling on a pregnant woman = childbirth.  
  • Falling of large stars = Death of a renowned person.

4- Stealing a star in a dream represents stealing a valuable.

5- Seeing the solar system’s planets or the major stars represents trade and knowledge.

6- Seeing shining stars in a house in a dream represents a large family.

7- Seeing stars in daylight refers to situations that are considered unusual or unexpected. These situations can include scandals, notoriety, significant events, catastrophes, and failure.

8- If a wealthy person dreams of a starless sky, it signifies the loss of their fortune, while a poor individual dreaming of the same sky indicates their demise.

9- Holding stars in hands in a dream indicates success and leadership.

Seeing Stars in a dream

Seeing the sun and moon together in a dream

1- Seeing the Sun and the Moon together in a dream represents both parents in Islam.

  • Sun = Father.
  • Moon = Mother.

2- When one dreams of the moon turning into the sun, it is believed to signify financial gain or prosperity for the wife or mother.  

3- According to a dream interpretation, if someone sees a sun and a moon together on both their right and left sides, as well as above and behind them, it could signify a coming disaster or defeat.

seeing sun and moon together in dream islam

Seeing Planets in a dream

Seeing planets in space in a dream has a special meaning in Islam, as described below;

1- Swallowing planets in a dream without chewing means the dreamer’s death.

2- Seeing planets falling in a dream is a sign of severe hair loss that will make the dreamer bald.

3- Seeing a planet falling on a particular place means tragedy for the people of that place.

4- Seeing a dream where you have become a planet indicates getting rich.

5- Holding a planet in one’s hand is a sign of being blessed with an honest son. 

6- If someone dreams of stealing a planet, it may indicate that they will acquire something valuable through theft or dishonest means.

7- Disappearing planets in dreams may indicate loss of wealth or death.

8- In a dream, eating planets represents the dreamer consuming people’s wealth and causing harm unless the dreamer is a scientist or astronomer, in which case it indicates future success.

9- Having a dream where several planets are visible indicates that the dreamer will have many children.

10- As per Ibn Sirin رحمة الله عليه, the most incredible dream interpreter of Islam, there is a separate meaning for each planet;

  • Mars symbolizes evil.
  • Saturn represents subjugation or power.
  • Venus represents beauty.
  • Mercury represents authority or travel.
  • Jupiter represents treasure.

Disclaimer: The material used to interpret dreams has been extracted from the Ibn Sirin book for dream interpretations. You can read the book here.

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