Meaning: Seeing blood, wound, injuries in a dream

Seeing someone in a dream injured with a bleeding wound and blood 🩸 caused by an accident or something else has a special meaning in Islam. The meaning of such dreams varies depending on the context.

Seeing Blood in a Dream

As per Ibn Sirin, the most incredible dream interpreter of Islam, seeing blood in a dream has the following meaning;

  • Health.
  • Returning to one’s home after quite a long time.
  • Illegal money earned.
  • The person undertook an evil act.

Seeing blood, wound, injuries in a dream

Drinking Blood

1- According to Ibrahim Karmani رحمة الله عليه, a 16th-century scholar of Islam, seeing yourself drinking blood in a dream is an indication;o

  • money, profits, and happiness from illegal means.
  • committing a murder.

Falling in blood

2- Seeing yourself falling in blood in a dream indicates that;

  • He/She will be falsely blamed for murder or theft.
  • Someone is preparing themselves to take revenge on the person.

Valley of Blood

3- A valley of blood in a dream might mean the person will be murdered there.

  • If you see such a dream, make sure to offer some sadaqah as soon as possible.

Bleeding without wound

4- Seeing bleeding without a wound in a dream indicates a loss.

Deep Cut without Blood

5- As per Islam, seeing someone injured with a deep cut but no blood in a dream is a sign that the attacker is revealing the truth. He is telling the truth regarding his victim.

Walking in the blood

6- Walking in the puddles of blood in a dream indicates earning through illegal and criminal sources.

Shirt Stained with Blood

7- Seeing a shirt stained with blood in a dream (with or without an accident) indicates that someone will tell them a lie.

Blood coming out of Breasts

8- Seeing a dream where blood is coming out of boobs in a dream means that the dreamer’s daughter will earn money from illegal sources.

Wounds and Injuries in a Dream

As per Ibn Sirin, Islam’s most incredible dream interpreter, wounds and injuries with or without blood indicate sadness, loss, and sorrow.

1- A bleeding wound that makes your clothes dirty in a dream indicates making Haram money.

Bleeding Head

2- The meaning of the bleeding head wound in a dream is a warning that one should protect his/her money.

  • A horizontal injury reflects insult, backbiting, and hatred.
  • A vertical bleeding head wound indicates unity and friendship.

3- If one is being executed in a dream, and blood is dripping, then it means that he will be involved in backbiting and will commit various sins.

4- If someone sees that their forehead has been injured in a dream and such that the blood flows out, then it means that their status and respect will increase.

Bleeding Penis

5- Seeing blood coming out of the penis in a dream indicates that the person’s daughter will not be able to get pregnant.

Bleeding Anus

6- Seeing blood coming out of the anus in a dream indicates that the person will make money through illegal sources.

Bleeding Nose

7- According to Jabar Maghrabi رحمة الله عليه, if the dreamer sees that blood is running out of his nose, he will be blessed with wealth.

8- A dream where blood flows out of the nose such that it stains all the clothes of the dreamer, then it means that the dreamer will attain unlawful earnings.

9- However, if the dreamer sees that blood is going inside his nose, he will face loss of wealth.

10- Green blood coming out of the nose means that the dreamer’s wife will go through a tough pregnancy while other dream interpreters believe that such a person will become a Sufi practitioner.

Bleeding Neck

11- The dream interpretation of the bleeding neck is that the household will experience prosperity that the off-springs will enjoy.

Wound on the Leg

12- A bleeding wound on the leg in a dream signifies that that person’s clan will enhance in society. 

Injury on hand

13- A wound or injury on the right hand signifies that money would be earned from the family business.

  • A wound on the left hand indicates that a female relative will yield profits.

Wound on the foot

14- A bleeding wound on the left foot in a dream shows that earnings are expected from farming.

Wound on the Back

15- A wound on the back signifies that the children will be a source of profit for the viewer.

Injury on belly button

16- Seeing a cut or injury on your belly button means that your family would die and you would get destroyed.

Disclaimer: The material used to interpret dreams has been extracted from the Ibn Sirin book for dream interpretations. You can read the book here.

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