A Website for Married Men to look for Second Wives

The modern world of internet and technology has revolutionized almost everything. People can now find their “PERFECT MATCH” via applications. Even Muslims tend to use such applications to find their partners. But this is not it, a website has been launched that helps married men find a second wife.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is this website named that would help Muslim men, who are already married, in matchmaking. This Muslim Polygamy matchmaking website has reached 100,000 users already.[irp]

These users belong to different nationalities! This means that people around the globe are using the website to hold second marriage. Another great shock is that more than 25,000 users of the website belong to the UK!

This is something really shocking as the UK is one of the states where Polygamy is illegal. In a country where the law does not allow men to hold second marriage in presence of first marriage, there are already 25,000 users from the very country! Polygamy in the UK is a crime and anyone found guilty of it shall face 7 years of imprisonment as a punishment.

People have criticized the application claiming that it violates women rights. According to Jess Philips, who is a member at the Women and Equalities Committee, this site should be banned right away. This is against UK laws and thereby shall be closed.

Philips also claimed that it is against women rights. Women are not decoration, commodity or fancy stuff that men would love to collect. Women are not slaves that you can keep in as many numbers as you wish. The site was founded back in 2014 by a man named Azad Chaiwala.

The 34 years old, Azad Chaiwala, belongs to Sunderland, which is a city located in North East of England. The founder claims that he created the website because there was in need of it. He said that such marriages are better and honorable for the society.

Married men going for second marriage is better than being engaged in prostitution or hold affairs. This is why he claims such marriages as “honorable”. He says that by allowing for polygamy, we can create families that are bigger yet better.

Chaiwala also revealed that women themselves sign up at the website. This clearly depicts that they wish to enter a marriage contract with a man who is already married. Women themselves are willing to hold such type of relationships.

Shaista Gohir, who is a worker at Muslim Women’s Network, however, opposed Chailwala. She said such marriages are destructive in nature. Men, mostly, enter a second marriage contract without even informing their first wives. Men tend to exploit women; they would first marry them, fulfill their desires and leave her for another woman.

Polygamy is allowed under Islam and thereby certain Arab and Muslim countries do allow it. However, polygamy has always been a debatable issue. We must understand that polygamy was allowed to support woman and orphans.

Yet when Allah allowed polygamy, he asked men to hold justice and equality among your wives and He Himself said that you won’t be able to hold equality even if you tried.

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