Saudization to cover pharmacy jobs in 2 phases

While the Saudization process has been initiated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to encourage the employment of Saudis, some new sectors have been added with the passage of time.

The scope of Saudization is being extended and now it is covering the pharmacy jobs. According to the Ministry of Labor & Social Development, the Saudization of the pharmacy jobs shall be done in two phases. Recommended: List of Iqama Professions reserved for Saudis

First Phase

In the first phase of the Saudization of the jobs at the pharmacy, which shall initiate from 22 July 2020, 20% of the pharmacy jobs shall be targeted for Saudization.


Second Phase

In the second phase of the Saudization of pharmacy jobs, another 30% of jobs will be Saudized. In this way, every pharmacy will have to hire at least 50% of Saudi pharmacist staff. This phase shall initiate from the 11th of July 2021 across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

The vision 2030 has been in practice and the ministry of labor is making sure that the initiatives are being implemented. this decision shall allow us to secure 40,000 jobs for the Saudis in the private health sector. The ministry is ambitious to improve the labor market environment.

Source: Arab News

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