20% Saudization in the Engineering profession

The HR Ministry has issued Ministerial Decree 686 which imposes a 20% Saudization on all engineering jobs in private companies. In this regard, the HR Ministry has issued a set of rules which state the following;

On the powers granted to him by statute, and after reviewing the provisions of Article 3, Article 11, and Article 36 of the Saudi Labor Law issued by Royal Decree No. (M / 21) dated 7/3/1426 H, the Ministry has decided the following;

No 1: All private companies and establishments have to maintain at least 20% Saudization level in engineering jobs (stated below) starting from 01/06/1442 corresponding to Jan 15, 2021.

No 2: This decision is applied to the businesses where 5 or more engineers are employed.

No 3: This decision shall be implemented in accordance with previous ministerial decisions related to the Saudization of different professions.

No 4: The Ministry will take action against the establishment that violates the provisions of this decision.

No. 5: Only those Saudi engineers who are registered with the Saudi Council of Engineers would be counted for Saudization.

No. 6: The minimum salary for a Saudi Engineer has been set at SR 7,000/month. A Saudi getting less than this amount of salary would not be counted in Saudization calculation.

Engineering Professions with 20% Saudization Requirement

  1. Engineer of auxiliary power units for aircraft
  2. Petroleum Engineer
  3. Microwave engineer
  4. Mechanical engineer, hydraulic inhibitors
  5. Vehicles mechanical engineer
  6. Mechanical engineer, engines and machines, except marine
  7. Welding mechanical engineer
  8. General Mechanical Engineer
  9. Mechanical engineer, train maintenance
  10. Aircraft maintenance mechanical engineer
  11. Mechanical engineer, ship maintenance
  12. Mechanical maintenance engineer
  13. Shipbuilding mechanical engineerPoured mechanical engineer
  14. Central air conditioning mechanical engineer
  15. General production mechanical engineer
  16. Production mechanical engineer
  17. Mechanical engineer, methods
  18. Mechanical engineer of machines and industrial machines
  19. Soil Mechanics Engineer
  20. Materials Engineer
  21. Material handling engineer
  22. Mining engineer
  23. Military Aircraft Calibration Engineer
  24. Aircraft brake component processing engineer
  25. Metal engineer
  26. Project Engineer
  27. General Survey Engineer
  28. Aerospace engineer
  29. Marine Survey Engineer
  30. Engineer propeller for military aircraft
  31. Quality control engineer
  32. Civil engineer (ports)
  33. Civil engineer (airports)
  34. Civil engineer (traffic)
  35. Civil engineer (methods)
  36. Civil engineer (railway)
  37. Civil engineer (dams)
  38. Civil engineer (irrigation)
  39. Civil Engineer (Bridges)Civil engineer (metal constructions)
    civil engineer
  40. Quarry engineer
  41. General chemical engineer
  42. Chemical engineer, petroleum industries
  43. Chemical engineer, food industries
  44. Chemical engineer, fertilizer industries
  45. Chemical engineer research and development
  46. Safety electrical engineer
  47. Electrical engineer, transmission and distribution
  48. Transmission electrical engineer
  49. Electrical engineer monitoring and control
  50. General Electrical Engineer
  51. Maintenance electrical engineer
  52. Electrical engineer electric power generation
  53. Distribution electrical engineer
  54. Electrical engineer extensions
  55. Electrical engineer and instrumentation
  56. Efficiency engineer in water analysis
  57. Flight engineer
  58. Nuclear power engineer
  59. General industrial engineer
  60. Sanitary engineer, water and sewage
  61. Occupational Safety and Health Engineer
  62. Agricultural engineer
  63. Time and motion study engineer
  64. Cathodic protection engineer
  65. Well drilling engineer
  66. Geologist Engineer
  67. Engineer gearbox aircraft and artillery
  68. Site Coordination Engineer
  69. Blasting engineer
  70. Mining engineer
  71. Development and specification engineer
  72. Aircraft workshop production development engineer
  73. Manufacturing engineer
  74. Interior design engineer
  75. Industrial equipment installation engineer
  76. Aircraft landing gear engineer
  77. Factory planning engineer
  78. City planning engineer
  79. Environment engineer
  80. Naval engineer on board
  81. Senior Survey Engineer
  82. Senior mapping software engineer
  83. General electric engineer
  84. Electronic maintenance engineer
  85. Electronic engineer, medical devices
  86. Engineer of agricultural machinery
  87. Mineral extraction engineer
  88. Engineer
  89. Coordinator of Quality Systems
  90. Senior digital aerial survey supervisor
  91. Senior Aerial Survey Supervisor
  92. Safety and Loss Prevention Adviser
  93. Occupational Safety and Health Adviser
  94. An internal auditor for quality systems
  95. Senior inspectors non-destructive inspection of aircraft
  96. Senior Quality Systems Auditor
  97. Senior environmental monitoring systems technician
  98. Senior Occupational Safety and Health Specialist
  99. Head of Internal audit program
  100. Safety and Loss Prevention Expert
  101. Occupational safety and health expert
  102. Geodetic expert
  103. Technology in the glass and ceramics industry
  104. Marine equipment specialist
  105. Digital aerial survey specialist
  106. Digital Cartographer
  107. Occupational Safety and Health Specialist
  108. Digital Maps Specialist
  109. Patent specialist
  110. Senior Specialist Quality Check / Cartography
  111. Aircraft supply specialist.

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