100% Saudization in Insurance Sale Jobs

Saudi Arabia has imposed 100% Saudization in the sales jobs in the Insurance sector starting from April 15, 2024.

What will happen to Expats?

All Non-Saudis working in sales jobs would be terminated or moved to other departments in non-sale positions.

Commission based salary

It has been noticed that whenever a Saudization in a particular job is implemented, Non-Saudis working on those jobs change their Iqama professions but continue to work at the same position.

To ensure full compliance, the Insurance Authority will monitor the salary transfers of Non-Saudi employees in Non-Sales jobs to ensure that they do not receive any sale-based commission.

The insurance workers in the non-sales sector are not entitled to accept any commissions related to sales. The insurance authority will take strict action if any non-compliance is detected.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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