Saudis working in the private sector must wear a Thobe – Prince Khaled

The Emir of Makkah Prince Khaled Al Faisal who is also the adviser to the Custodian of the two Holy mosques commanded all the young Saudi citizens who are employed with the private sector companies in the region must wear Saudi traditional dresses while women employees should wear a modest and simple dress.

Saudi Men should wear their traditional Saudi Robe to strengthen their national identity while the similar law applies to women to wear a non-eye-catching, non-transparent and modest dress.

Both men and women working in the Private sector firms should wear such a dress that reflects their national identity.

He ordered that the working team including the representatives of the Emirates and all the branches of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and the Ministry of Commerce and investment to follow and implement the decision in commercial markets in all governorates across the province.

The spokesman of the Emirates, Sultan Al Dosary explained this directive came when earlier this month Emir Prince Khaled al Faisal made an inspection tour to the Market in Taif where he met two Saudi men working in the shops of the shopping mall wearing a Western Business suit.

When the emir asked the men about their non-Saudi dressing, they presented a reason of wearing such dress in accordance with the company’s instructions in which they are working. The company doesn’t allow them to wear national dress.

This made the Emir of Makkah to immediately constitute a committee to carry out studies about the reasons why companies were forcing Saudis to wear non-Saudi dresses.

Later the Emir issued a directive that Private sector employees must wear their traditional dress and this directive was issued with the recommendations of the committee.

This committee was also set up to find out the reasons Saudi’s are abandoning their traditional clothes and choosing to wear western dresses despite modernization drive led in the Kingdom by the Crown Prince.  Saudi Private sector employees usually have lenient restrictions on clothing during their job.

A national dress is a pride for any country and no company has a right to instruct Saudi employees to not to wear their traditional dress at the work.

In the meantime, the Emir of Makkah, Prince Khaled also launched the three-day ‘Meethaq’ initiative organized as part of the Makkah Cultural Forum in which the head of the presidency for the Two Holy Mosques affairs, the famous Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais also attended the function.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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