Saudis married to non-Saudis can travel abroad

Jawazat announced the lifting of travel restrictions for Saudi men and women who are married to non-Saudis.

Saudi women married to non-Saudis

Saudi women married to non-Saudis can travel with their husbands or join their husbands who are abroad after submitting the proof of marriage at the border or port.

Saudi men married to non-Saudis

If the Non-Saudi wife of a Saudi man resides outside Saudi Arabia due to work or other conditions that do not enable them to come to the Kingdom to join their husbands, Saudi men can travel outside Saudi Arabia.

If a Saudi citizen is unable to submit documents that prove the wife’s presence outside the Kingdom and her inability to come to the Kingdom, he can apply for a travel permit through the “Absher” electronic platform by attaching all the required documents.

What are the chances for expats?

The Ministry of Interior has decided to lift the temporary travel ban and resume all international flights effective from May 17.

In other words, expats would be able to travel to Saudi Arabia from the 20 banned countries as well.

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