Saudi wrongfully jailed, gets SR 800,000 compensation

A Saudi man in Jeddah was arrested in a criminal case. He was kept as a captive while the investigation was carried by the investigation officers.

During all this trial a time of 19 months passed. After 19 months, the man was claimed innocent in the case. His innocence was confirmed in the final verdict by the court.

This proved that the man was wrongfully jailed as he was innocent and not the culprit. After the final Verdict, the man was freed from jail.

After attaining freedom from the prison, the man moved the court to file a lawsuit. He requested compensation for the harm caused to him due to his wrongful imprisonment.

At this, the appeals court upheld the ruling passed by the lower court and announced rewarding SR 800,000 in compensation to the man who was mistakenly jailed for 19 months.

Source: Gulf News

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