Swimming and Women in Saudi Arabia

Women in Saudi Arabia do not move about without a veil. They are not permitted to go out with friends who are males, not allowed to make any contact with them. Although Saudi Arabia has been changing, this is still a reality.

We may often think that maybe these women do not have a life and will always choose to stay home, clean and take care of the children and nothing more. Though that is where we end up wrong.

These women may be subjected to live under a lot of regulations but they do have hobbies and one of them is swimming. Yes, you heard me right!

Women in Saudi Arabia LOVE swimming. They enjoy every bit of it. That’s a unique and most unexpected thing about them. Women usually can go to spas for swimming during women’s pool time.

Though some of the Saudi Homes have built-in pools because they are rich! Those who don’t have them would generally rent esteraha that are compounds with the facility of a swimming pool.

One can go there over the weekend with their family. This way you can enjoy quality family time as well as enjoy a day swimming. Most of the times you’ll just be renting the place with your close family that means you can swim without any issues.

The most basic issue that may arise for these women is the use of swimsuits. Since women are swimming they can wear whatever they want. WRONG! There are different types of swimsuits for the Muslim women that aim to cover the whole body and reflects the modesty of them.

In Saudi Arabia, you can easily find these swimming suits online or from any shopping mall very easily. It becomes very wrong of us to think that because of so many laws in Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to enjoy themselves just as the men of the society can.

Though Saudis have found several ways to make things right for them, they generally understand that where there is a will, there is a way for sure!

Children can accompany women in certain pools though in some spa’s children are not at all permitted. Most of the apartments have swimming pools as well but usually, there is some sort of timing issues that becomes very difficult for the women to enjoy themselves!

Over the years, women have begun to find ways and exercises to get comfortable and make use of their time as much as they possibly can.

Everything seems a lot easy and maybe their life is beginning to ease up since Saudis are looking for alternative programs and plan to enjoy their life as much as possible!

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