Saudi Woman saved 7 lives by donating her organs

A Saudi girl decided to leave her mark on society by donating her organs after she takes her last breath. She saved the lives of 7 people.

Her family decided that after their brain-dead daughter takes her last breath, they will help out those who have a chance at survival.

As the Saudi Girl took her last breath, the transplants were made quickly and transported by plane almost within hours to the hospitals around Saudi Arabia.

Al Khanani who was the organ transplant specialist for the Saudi girl informed us that the heart and lungs were donated to patients in Riyadh, while the Liver, pancreas, and kidney transplants were carried out in Dammam.

The organs reached out to the hospitals on time which saved the lives of 7 people throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The 20 –year old Saudi girl did what is not a common practice in the culture of Saudi Arabia.

It cannot be described what the parents of the deceased girl may have gone through when they were accepting the news that their daughter won’t live, but maybe the only thing that kept them going was that some part of their daughter continues to live on in separate corners of the Kingdom. 

Source: Al Arabiya

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