Saudi woman puts apology +SR 3,000 for hitting a car

Many people cause a car crash, hit, damage, or scratch a car and then run away. The person whose car is hit must pay for the damages caused by someone else’s mistake. However, a Saudi woman decided to act differently when she bumped into a parked car.

She hit a parked car

A Saudi woman was driving when she accidentally hit another parked car. She tried to find the owner but couldn’t.

As she had damaged the car, she wrote a note claiming that she was sorry for hitting the car and causing the damage. She wrote that she accepts her driving mistake and is wrapping SR 3,000 with the apology note to compensate for the damage.

She decided to stay.

This is one of the ways one can make up for their mistake. The lady could have just run away without paying for the damage, but she not only accepted her mistake and apologized but also paid for the financial damage she had caused.

If honesty had a face

The victim posted this letter, appreciating the lady’s act. The people on social media share glimpses of the letter and appreciate the lady’s truthfulness.

My personal experience

Once, I also bumped into a car parked alongside the road. Although it was just a tiny scratch, I decided to stay and patiently waited for the car owner to come.

She came and got mad at me. I explained that I could run away but decided to wait for you so that you could claim the damages from my insurance company.

I could escape from the liability in this world, but on the day of judgment, Allah will make me face that lady, and I will have nothing to offer that day.

Source: Urdu News

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