Saudi woman gives birth to Quadruplets after 6 years infertility

A woman who suffered from infertility for six long years gave birth to healthy quadruplets. Indeed, she tasted a sweet fruit after a long wait. The woman who is in her twenties was admitted to Sharourah hospital in Najran. There, the woman delivered four healthy baby boys through a successful caesarian.

The woman underwent infertility treatment

The health department of Najran made a statement on the health and treatment process of the woman. The woman had been suffering from infertility for six years. However, she committed to getting treated which proved to be a good decision for her and her family.

She visited the doctor and followed up on the necessary tests and examinations. After undergoing the appropriate treatment, the woman was able to conceive successfully and delivered healthy babies.

The woman visited the doctor periodically during her pregnancy to get herself checked. During her periodic checkup, it was found that she was pregnant with quadruplets.

After her 36 weeks of pregnancy, she was admitted to a hospital where an expert team of gynecologists and obstetricians performed her cesarean successfully. There were no complications and all the four babies, and the mother is in good health now.

Weight of the babies at the time of their birth:

The infants are in good health and all of the weight between 1.58 to 1.89 kg at the time of their birth.  The infants are receiving proper care in the neonatal department of the hospital.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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