Saudi woman gifts her fiancé a brand new car

Love is a private Business: To express one’s love for another being aloud always have stirred a debate, may it be a 100 years ago or may it just happen the other day.

Some are of the opinion that love and affection should be a private business and shall be hidden whereas most of the youngsters feel that expressing your love openly shows that it is true and compassionate and they do not worry about what others have to say about it.

Social media has provided people with the opportunity to express their feelings and for viewers to make a comment or react as to how they feel about the content.

Lucky Man: Earlier this week a topic that went viral on Saudi Social media was about a woman who for the first time dare to do something unusual in the Kingdom. She expressed her love for her fiancé in an open way that every one called the guy was lucky to have a loving partner.

The woman presented a car to her fiancé and captured the moments and his expressions in a video which was later posted on Saudi Social media.

Viral Video: In that video, a man who is named Hammoudi is seen walking out of the unknown store and is surprised and amazed to see a car parked in front of him with a note that reads” you deserve this Hammmoiudi. May we celebrate our wedding soon” and someone hands him the keys of the car.

However, this is still unclear that when and where that video was filmed however it caused an online frenzy when it was uploaded on YouTube. Some unverified claims also stated that the woman’s fiance was a Yemeni.

Social Media Reaction: The social media users stood for different opinions. Some said that the woman should have given it to him in private and should not film all these silly things while some people totally loved the idea and wished that someone would gift them such a gift.

There were also some people who thought that no man deserves such a gift!

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