Saudi woman gets death penalty for kidnapping 2 newborn

A Saudi woman in Dammam was recently issued with the death penalty for abducting two newborn babies from a hospital 25 years ago.

The criminal court in the Dammam region issued the final verdict against the kidnapper woman who is also known as Dammam Kidnapper and three other defendants.

She Kidnapped and then raised them

She raised the two boys as her own. She never disclosed their identity to them and always told them that the two were her boys born out of wedlock.

5532 Infant Saudi boy who was kidnapped reunited after 24 years 06

However, the mystery of the two babies was unrevealed two years ago. It was the time when the boys reached puberty and required their independent identification documents.

The woman submitted the documents of the two boys to obtain their identification documents.

5532 Infant Saudi boy who was kidnapped reunited after 24 years 02

At this moment, the authorities conducted the required medical and technical examination. The examination results showed no biological relationship between the woman and the two boys.

In fact, the results showed the boy’s lineage to other Saudi families. After investigation, it was cleared that the Saudi families reported the abduction of their boys in 1996.

5532 Infant Saudi boy who was kidnapped reunited after 24 years 03

The boys and the woman were taken under custody for further investigation. He further said that their team carried out 247 procedures in this case. 

The charges were filed against the defendants and also four convicts. Unfortunately, the fifth convict is absconding after escaping outside the Kingdom. However, the help of Interpol was sought to bring him back.

5532 Infant Saudi boy who was kidnapped reunited after 24 years 05

The criminal court announced that the punishments in its final verdict;

  • Saudi Woman is awarded the death penalty.
  • One defendant is jailed for one and a half years in prison and SR 20,000 fine.
  • The other was handed one-year imprisonment.
  • A fine of SR 5,000 was imposed on the third convict.
  • The fourth one is a Yemeni man who was awarded 25 and a half years jail sentenced in this case.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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