Saudi woman celebrates Maid’s birthday in a 5-star hotel

In a world where housemaids are often pressured with unnecessary work and are underpaid, some people tend to behave humanely with their house help.

A Saudi woman wanted to make her maid’s birthday memorable and thus arranged a party for her in a luxury five-star hotel. To the maid’s surprise, she was greeted with a cake 🎂, a bouquet 💐, and a guitarist 🎸 chanting a birthday song ♫ for her.

The video soon went viral on social media, where the maid cries out of joy as she is surprised with cake and chants.

She was sitting and did not even have a hint that the entire ceremony was in her honor. The maid said that this was the most beautiful surprise ever and that she did not know that her employer was taking her. She thought it was a usual day.

People across social media applaud the sponsor for being mindful of the little happiness their house helps!

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