Saudi woman attempted suicide over domestic abuse

Last week, a Saudi woman attempted suicide. The suicidal attempt has sparked controversy as she was mentally unfit or was really depressed to the extent that she wanted to die. The incident took place at the Al Qasim governorate.

The 20 years old woman went to the 3rd floor of the under-construction building and was screaming out loud “send me to prison” and “I don't want you people, you are not human beings. The clip got viral and a man can be seen along her asking and pleading her not to jump.

In the initial news, it was stated that she was mentally unstable. However, later one of the news sources revealed that she was a victim of domestic abuse and was so fed up of it that she wanted to die.

Now, the sources claim that she is in good terms with her family and is under observation in a local hospital. She is being treated there while it is confirmed that she did not get injured.

However, due to social media pressure and the hype of the case, a committee that is working under the Family Protection Unit in Bareeda and Al Rass cities is investigating the case.

The twitter was flooded with video of the woman along with the hashtag #معنفه_تحاول_الانتحار.

Though the authorities have clearly disapproved of the claim of domestic abuse, the social media is spurring different views. This is because of her words that can be clearly heard in the video. She seems fed up with her life and claims her family to be inhumane.

While many social media users tend to be concerned for her and have asked the authorities to investigate the matter and save the woman if she is the victim of domestic abuse and in another way round: get her treated as her next attempt might cause her life!

Others just believe that the woman was mentally unstable, and others are playing a play card of feminism.  A social media user commented that he doesn’t know what the truth is, but he knows that feminism can do more than this.

Others believe that she is a victim. She is willing to go to prison even though she hasn’t committed a crime. She must be in an abusive relationship and terms with her family: she must be deprived of her rights and wanted the world to know about it. Let us just hope her attempt does not go in vain.

People have asked the government to take up action for woman protection: not everyone can come out to yell and tell the world. These attempts can be life-taking. Let us give women their due rights.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.