Saudi wife takes divorce from impotent husband

A Saudi woman in Jeddah demanded a Khula after her husband refused to get infertility treatment. The woman filed the Khula case in the court after five years of her marriage.

According to the woman, she had been married to her husband for five years but she is unable to conceive due to her husband’s illness. She further claimed that she tried to convince her husband for treatment but he never took it too seriously.

After getting an unsatisfactory result from her husband’s side, she demanded a divorce. During the court inquiry, she claimed that the attempts of her husband’s treatment failed as he is not willing to get treated. This is the reason she is demanding a separation.

The court keenly looked upon the woman’s position and granted her a Khula according to her wish. The court also witnessed all the requirements and the woman’s state thoroughly.

Now the woman is declared a non-mahram for her husband. Although the judge also announced that the woman can remarry her husband because Khula does not require any restriction for remarrying again.

If the couple wanted to remarry again, they can process further with a new marriage contract and dowry. During the hearing, the court also ordered the husband to submit the divorce certificate to the concerned institution to remove the name of his divorced wife from the family register.

The husband was also given the time of 30 days to object to the verdict of the court. After the given time the verdict will be claimed final.

Source: Urdu News

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