Saudi wife got divorce as her Husband loves her more than his mother

Mother not only gives birth to a child but also raises and does everything for her children. The most respectable and loving figure in our lives is our mother indeed.

For any living being, the mother is the first thing they see, are taken care of and start learning. Allah S.W.T has told us about His mercy and measured His love for us mentioning a mother.

A very dramatic incident was reported from Baha. Wife approached the court to get a divorce from her husband. There was neither any dispute nor any misunderstanding between them, but still, the wife wanted to get separated from her husband.

The odd thing is that her Husband loved her more than anything in the world, moreover, he always respected her and took intense care of his wife. To find such loving and caring husband is the dream of every lady, but this lady dream was fulfilled but she was not happy yet.

It was reported that the wife went to the court and demanded separation from her husband. The husband went in extreme shock after hearing that his wife whom he loved a lot could do this.

It was unable for the husband to believe this because he did every possible thing to keep her happy. The wife stood with her decision and admitted that her husband had never denied anything to her.

He took her to foreign trips, spent a lot of money on her, bought everything she wanted, did everything possible for her but the thing that disturbs her was that man loved her more than his mother.

While he takes care of my every need and luxury, he denies even a small favor to his mother. One, who could not be loyal to his mother, cannot be loyal to anyone.

The husband, who was in a deep shock, told the judge that he does not want to leave his wife and that he would do everything to secure their relation but the wife rejected the offer.

The surprised husband questioned his wife, did I not abandoned my own family for you? The wife replied, Yes, and this is the reason I want a divorce from you.

The woman accepted that everything her husband said in the court was correct but she was resolute to leave him because he preferred her over his family members, including his mother and she could not wait until the day he would abandon her the same way he had abandoned his mother.

The woman returned the dowry to her husband that he had given her and the judge granted the divorce. According to Islamic Law, if the woman demands divorce herself, she has to return the Mahar back to the husband.

When asked a Judge about it, he said that the woman did absolutely right for the person, her husband, or any child should obey and respect and love his mother more than any other relative in the world for she deserves it.

A mother sacrifices her rest, sleep and almost everything in order to raise a child and if the same child gives more attention to his wife and does not obey his mother, the person is not at all a good person.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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