Saudi wife demands divorce after the property transfer

A seventy years old Saudi man filed a lawsuit against his 20-year-old wife. According to the Saudi man, his wife married him and committed fraud with him. She fraudulently registered his home to her name deceiving him.

He married the woman 5 months ago

The man said he married the woman some 5 months ago and after the marriage, she kept a condition to gift his home to her. At that time, she claimed to secure her future as the man was already married and have adult sons too.

She deceived her husband saying that that it doesn’t matter to live here as long as you are here but she feared that after his death his sons would drag her out of the house. The 70 years old man claimed her regular insistence made him register his home to her. 

He said that as soon as she received the property paper she moved to court and demanded separation which clearly showed her deceitful intention.

The age difference is the reason to demand separation

On the other side, the wife declared that she decided to marry him passionately. After getting married to such an old man she realized that it was her mistake as there was a huge age gap between the two that she could not manage to lead a happy married life with him.

Legal expert statement

The legal experts claimed that this lawsuit has no significance and cannot be legally observed because the man named his house to his wife with consciousness. The house is now the property of his wife.

Source: Urdu News

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