Saudi wife approaches court to stop her husband’s 4th marriage

A 30 years old Saudi woman recently approached a law office to file a lawsuit against her husband. According to the woman, her husband who is above 50 is going to remarry again and she is against this decision.

According to the information received some several sources, the woman wants the law office to seek the consent of her businessmen husband’s children before filing a lawsuit.

Husband’s quality according to the woman

The husband is quite a wealthy man. He is the owner of several properties in Jeddah. The woman claimed her husband a spendthrift and extravagant.

The man previously also married some women and spent lavishly on them. He spent nearly a quarter of his wealth on the women and later he divorced them.

The man has no concern and never cares about his family and kids. He is the father of seven sons and daughters.

A legitimate reason to file a lawsuit

According to the wife, her husband is irresponsible about whatever he owns. He is spendthrift and spends his wealth on other women. After interdicting her husband, the woman demanded that her children should be provided with their legitimate rights according to the Shariah Laws.

A lawyer said the woman is restraining her husband from remarrying in order to protect her children’s interest. 

Such cases are not accepted by the relevant court

A Lawyer Badr Al Ghamdi said such cases are not accepted by the pertinent court. These cases are quite rare and only accepted if the man is proved to be mentally retard or ill. In this case the reason must be examined and the man’s health is will also be analyzed.

The lawyer said the man’s health will be examined including his mental health and a report will be obtained from the competent authorities before filing the lawsuit. The case will be examined thoroughly to understand why the man is not capable of managing his financial affairs.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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