Saudi wakes up from comma after 6 months – wife gone

A Saudi man woke up from a coma after 6 months to know that his wife has remarried. His wife was someone he had immensely loved.

Being able to attain a new life is something one cherishes the most, yet this man is suffering serious psychological trauma. He had woken up to find out that his wife has remarried.

To marry her, he had left his job, family, and city. She had told them that he had to come to her city in order to marry her. He had done everything to be her life partner.

He gave an interview to MBC FM radio, in which he narrated his tragic story. He told that he met a terrible traffic accident after which he was left in 6 months long comma.

After he woke up, he found that only after 2 months his wife had divorced her and remarried. The divorce was justified by the wife as she claimed him to be clinically dead.

Left his job, left his city, met an accident, entered a comma, battled with health to lose his love! All this makes him emotional and is suffering from phycological trauma.

Source: Gulf News

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