Saudi Visa Stamping 2023: Process, Documents & Status Check

Travelers seeking fresh experiences in the Middle East are increasingly drawn to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has lately opened its doors to foreign visitors, allowing tourists, businesspeople, and employees to more easily discover what the kingdom offers outside of religious tourism. No matter why they are travelling, all foreigners must get a visa stamp before entering Saudi Arabia. This article will throw light on the complete Saudi visa stamping process.

Saudi Visa Stamping: An Overview

Visitors issuing their Saudi Arabia visit visa, work visa, family visa, or any other visa must go through the obligatory process of getting their visas stamped. In order to do this, they must get the Saudi visa stamped via the Saudi Embassy or Saudi Consulate in their own country.

However, respectable tour operators approved by the Saudi Arabian Embassy or Consulate may often handle the visa stamping process on the applicant’s behalf.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs regularly y bringing in different methods and transformations to shorten the visa processing, like the introduction of eVisa. So, whether you apply for Saudi Visa from Dubai or Canada, make sure to remain updated on the latest stamping updates as per the nationality. This can help ease the process.

  1. Requirements for Stamping for Different Saudi Visas

Here is the list of documents according to the types of Saudi Visa:

Commercial Visit Visa

Those who need to travel to Saudi Arabia for business are granted commercial visit visas. These travelers may be entrepreneurs, investors, or employees of companies operating in the home nation (managers, sales executives, etc.)

Documents Required

  • Online Visa
  • Original Passport (Minimum 6 Months of Validity)
  • Earlier passports, if any
  • Photos (should be 6×4 and have a white background)
  • Original company letter from India (It must be from the same business you listed when applying for the visa.)
  • Indian Company-issued Chamber of Commerce
  • Original degree or diploma necessary for a technical manager.
  • Invitee company’s certificate of registration (CR copy)

Note: Remember that the application for an invitation visa is subject to approval or denial by the head of the visa division.

Work Visit Visa

Other names for the work visit visa are a shutdown work visa, temporary work visa, and short-term work visa. With this sort of visa, the individual is permitted to work within the host nation for a brief amount of time, or more precisely, up to the expiration of their visa.

Documents Required

  • Online Visa
  • Original Passport (Minimum 6 Months of Validity)
  • Earlier passports, if any
  • Photos (should be 6×4 and have a white background)
  • Original company letter from India (It must be from the same business that you listed when you applied for the visa.)
  • Original degree or diploma pertinent to the type of visa.
  • Invitee company’s certificate of registration (CR copy)

Family Visit Visa

When you wish to temporarily bring your family members to the host nation, a visa of this sort will be granted. The main objective of a family visit visa is to visit the host nation; it does not permit the traveler to work there.

Documents Required

  • Digital visa
  • Original Passport (Minimum 6 Months of Validity)
  • Earlier passports, if any
  • Photos (should be 6×4 and have a white background)
  • Copy of the sponsor’s passport
  • Iqama copy for the sponsor
  • Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate

For a child visit visa stamping, you will require the following documents:

  • Child’s passport
  • Mother’s passport with a current re-entry visa
  • A complete set copy of the mother’s current Iqama.
  • Passports must be valid for at least six months.
  • 2 passport-size color photos in the child’s hair on a white backdrop
  • Birth certificate copy

Re-Entry Extension

Re-entry visas that have expired must be renewed within a month of the expiration date to avoid the embassy rejecting the passport.

  • A passport that is valid for at least six months.
  • Original letter from the sponsor attested by the KSA Ministry
  • Authentic Iqama copy
  • 2 color, white-background passport-size photos.

Procedure of Saudi Visa Stamping

Before applying for Saudi Visa, it is important to keep all these documents handy. You must also learn Saudi Visa tips and processes to keep abreast of the latest guidelines. Depending on the visa type being filed for, the process for stamping a Saudi visa may change. The Saudi Embassy/Consulate typically handles the process of stamping visas.

It is advised that you speak with your authorized travel agent to make sure you have all the paperwork required for the particular Saudi visa type you desire to apply for. They can offer you information on the exact paperwork needed to apply for a visa stamp.

Saudi Visa Stamping Status Check

Now the question is, how to check Saudi visa stamping status? You may use the same online process to check the status of your Saudi visa stamping as you would to check the status of your Saudi visa. Saudi Visa stamping check online through these steps:

  • Visit the official website of MOFA Saudi Arabia
  • Then, on inquiry type, select the option of visa application
  • Insert passport number and application number
  • Enter the accurate Captcha code
  • Select search

Processing Time and Fees

Often a common question that pops up in people’s mind is, when it comes to Saudi Visa stamping, how many days is required for the process. Some sources claim that most travel agents require 3 to 5 days to complete the process. But, depending on the reach of the travel agency, the processing time related to the Saudi visa stamping process may change.

The Saudi Consulate/Embassy in the country of origin, such as Saudi Visa stamping in Dubai or the licensed travel agency handling your visa stamping, will determine the visa stamping fees for Saudi Arabia. For further details on the cost of Saudi visa stamping, it is advised that you speak with your local Saudi embassy or consulate or a licensed travel company.

Bottom Line

Saudi Arabia visa stamping may seem like a time-consuming and difficult process because several documents are needed. Not any more, though! Just carefully follow these instructions, and you are set to go.

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