How to calculate traffic violation points in KSA?

Many people who have moved to Saudi Arabia from the UAE or other gulf countries often ask how to calculate traffic violation points in Saudi Arabia? How to check the driving violation points in KSA?

In many countries of the world, the traffic department penalizes drivers not only by imposing fines but also through the traffic violations point system.

When does the driving license suspend?

According to the traffic violation points system in KSA, if the number of points recorded against a driver reach (24) points, his license would be suspended as follows;

  • If the violator got (24) points for the first time within one Hijri year, the driving license is suspended for a period of 03 months.
  • If the violator got (24) points for the second time within one Hijri year, the driving license is suspended for 06 months.
  • If the violator got (24) points for the third time within one Hijri year, the driving license is suspended for one year.
  • If the violator reaches (24) traffic violation points for the fourth time within one Hijri year in Saudi Arabia, the driving license will be revoked permanently.

Calculate Driving Violation Points

On the following 21 traffic violations, the traffic police in KSA impose heavy fines and award black points on the driver’s license. 

  1. Driving under alcohol or drug influence: 24 points + SR 10,000 fine.
  2. Drifting: 24 points + SR 20,000 fine.
  3. Jumping the red traffic light: 12 points + SR 3,000 fine.
  4. Driving a vehicle in the opposite direction: 12 points + SR 3,000 fine.
  5. Maneuvering in high speed between vehicles: 8 points + SR 500 fine.
  6. Failure to comply with the traffic police direction: 8 points + SR 500 fine.
  7. Driving a vehicle without brake lights: 8 points + SR 500 fine.
  8. Not stopping a vehicle at a stop sign: 6 points + SR 3,000 fine.
  9. Failure to give way to the driver who has the right: 6 points.
  10. Exceeding the speed limit by more than 25 kph: 6 points + SR 500 fine.
  11. Not complying with traffic regulations at road intersections: 6 points + SR 300 fine.
  12. Overtaking vehicles in curves and uphill(s): 6 points + SR 500 fine.
  13. Stopping over railroads: 6 points + SR 1,000 fine.
  14. Driving at a check post with more than 25 kph speed: 4 points + SR 300 fine.
  15. Driving within lanes not intended for driving: 4 points + SR 100 fine.
  16. Overtaking a school bus when they stop to board or unload: 4 points + SR 3,000 fine.
  17. Uncovering, untying transported loads: 4 points + SR 500 fine.
  18. Making an illegal amendment to a vehicle’s body: 4 points + SR 300 fine.
  19. Driving a vehicle without a seatbelt: 2 points + SR 150 fine.
  20. Using mobile phones while driving: 2 points + SR 500 fine.
  21. Riding a motorbike without a helmet: 2 points + SR 1,000 fine.

traffic violation points in KSA

How to check traffic violation points?

Unfortunately, there is no online way to check the traffic violation points in KSA. However, you can calculate the points manually based upon the table we have given above.

Whenever someone reaches 24 points, he receives an SMS from the traffic police department in Saudi Arabia that his driving license is suspended for a certain time period.

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