Saudi Taxi Driver returned a box full of Gold

A Saudi taxi driver found a jewelry box full of gold on his way back to Makkah of his passengers to whom he dropped to the airport.

Passengers left a box full of God in his taxi

The passengers were departing to Kuwait. He intended to return the valuable jewelry to the owner and rushed towards the hotel situated in Makkah from where he picked up those passengers.

He tried to find their phone number

He was seeking their contact number and rushed into the hotel, asked the receptionist about the Kuwaiti family who made check out from the hotel. 

On driver’s further request, the receptionist yelled at him as he was pissed off at passengers for not taking hotel’s car for going to the airport. The driver was very upset as he was an honest man and not wanting to keep that jewelry box because it is a sinful act.

He was frustrated because the receptionist was the only person who could help him. No legacy is as rich as honesty.

He posted it on social media

The driver was very determined; he wasn’t the kind of man who gives up easily. So, he made a post explaining all the circumstances and expecting people to help him in discovering the passenger’s exact place but all in vain.

He recalled that he had a contact number of a Kuwaiti man whom he dropped from Jeddah airport to Makkah about a year ago.

He called another passenger

He let Abu Ahmed know that a jewelry box is in his custody. Abu Ahmed could find the passenger’s location and contact number and gave it to the driver. 

The Kuwaiti man “Abdul Aziz” afterward praised and showed gratitude on a call and gave him so many prayers. It was a token of appreciation.


Source: Gulf News

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