Saudi students detained in classroom after school hours

A rare and unfortunate event has taken place in the Al-Ahsa region where a student was detained inside the school. The child, whose name and age have not been yet disclosed was left behind in the school. The school was locked down and the poor soul cried for help.

Child screaming for help

According to the person who was passing by the school, he heard the voice of a child screaming for help. Terrified, he went towards the school and saw a child peeping out of the steeple.

In a video that has been made by the citizen, it can be seen that there are no students and staff around the school. A child is left standard in the school and is asking for help.

Viral Video

The video went viral on social media and people were furious with the school authorities. The Ministry of Education has thus demanded an investigation and has demanded the Al Ahsa education department conduct an investigation committee.

Detailing the investigations, the department told that it has carried out an investigation and that it will disclose information to the public.

Immediate Termination of Staff

Director General of the Education Department in Al-Ahsa Hamad Al-Issa issued two decisions to terminate the services of the director and deputy director of Al-Mamoun Intermediate School in Hofuf after forming a committee to investigate the matter.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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