Saudi sponsors his expat driver’s wedding

A Saudi man Rasheed al- Sheelash sponsored the wedding ceremony for his Indonesian car driver, gifts him a brand new car 🚘, and pays 12 months’ salary as a gift.

Besides this, he paid for the expenses to gain the sponsorship of his driver’s wife so that the couple could live 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 and work together in one place.

Sheikh Salman Al Odeh launched a campaign “Methlak Ana” which in Arabic means, ‘You be just like me’.

This campaign was started against racist behavior and to encourage Saudi citizens to show respect and love to their foreign employees and treat them humanely and perfectly according to the teaching and moral values taught to us by our beautiful religion Islam.

This wedding was attended by many prominent personalities including Sheikh Salman Al-Odeh.

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