Saudi son marries ex-wife of his father (step-mother)

A Saudi married the ex-wife of his father (step-mother) 6 years ago without knowing the fact that they are relatives to each other. About 10 years earlier, she was secretly married to his father.

Abdullah Al Mutlaq, who is an adviser at the Saudi Royal Court advised the couple to divorce as the marriage is against Islamic law.

The Misyar Marriage caused the incident

The son and the father did not know about each other’s marriage as both had conducted a misyar marriage. The father, 10 years from now had a misyar marriage with the woman.

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Six years from now, the son fell in love with the same woman and married her under a misyar contract of marriage.

The son’s and father’s marriage had been hidden from the family. It was only now that the son had decided to introduce his wife and child to the family. Upon arriving home with his wife, the father broke the silence that she is the very woman he had married 10 years ago.

What is misyar marriage?

Misyar is a marriage contract where the woman allows the contract to waive off her certain rights. Underprivileged and/or aged women often opt for such a marriage contract as they have a desire or/and need for marriage yet it is difficult for them to get married.

Such marriages are part of Sunni Islam. In such marriage, certain marital obligations of the husband are waived by the wife such as time spent, financial obligations, etc.

Can one marry ex-wife of his father?

Islam does not allow men to marry ex-wives of fathers and grandfathers. Regardless of the fact that they did not have any children. The ex-wives of father and grandfather are haram on sons and grandsons.

Source: Gulf News

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