Saudi sold home to pay off Father’s Debt

A Saudi man decided to sell his own house to pay off his father’s loan. His father had restless nights due to the loan of SR 1 million he had taken as now he did not have any means to pay this off.

Surprise to father

The son decided to surprise his father by selling his some and paying off the loan to the lender.

When the son approached the lender with SR 1 million in his bag, he was amazed as he knew that they do not have ready funds available.

Surprise to son

Out of curiosity, the lender asked the son of the borrower about the source of funds. The son told him that his father was having restless nights and he could not bear that.

Therefore, he decided to sell off his house, move to a rental apartment and pay off his father’s loan.

The lender was a rich man, he was so impressed with the generosity of the son that he told him that the debt has been settled without taking SR 1 million.

He said that I cannot accept this amount and that this SR 1 million is the prize for the love and respect you have for his father.

A great example to follow

Both the lender and the son have set some excellent examples for all of society to follow. These two men have provided us with concrete evidence that even in this world today, there are kind and helpful people out there.

This is an example of how the son should step up when the father is old.

Source: Emirates 247

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