Saudi sold home to pay off Father’s Debt, Lender forgives SR 1 million Loan

A man of Saudi origin has just set the perfect example of how one can be a good son. The Saudi man had to pay off a loan that his father had taken amounting to SAR 1 Million.

In order to pay off the loan completely the man decided to sell his own house to pay off his father’s loan. The person who had lent the man 1 million SAR, once he got to know how the loan was being paid off, was so extremely touched by this selfless act.

He decided to surprise him by completely waving off the father’s loan and also returning the SAR 1 million amount back to him. Naturally, like most things in this day and age of social media, this particular story of the father and son and how the son repaid the loan has gone viral on all of the social media platforms.

A Saudi Lawyer by the name of Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Subaihi has stated that this incident had taken place at a court in Saudi Arabia, and he followed up by tweeting all of the details on the social media platform Twitter.

The Lawyer Al Subaihi also added that the man who had originally lent the father the money, was in fact so moved and touched by the decision of the son to sell his house to repay the loan, that he decided on his own to return the monetary sum of SAR 1 million as a reward to the son for being a really good son.

Several users on the social media platforms have come out in support of the selfless son and have stated that they also wish that their children grow up to be like this man.

A Saudi woman and mother, Rana have stated that in these days, it is indeed extremely rare to see or witness such selfless acts or selfless behavior from the people.

Both the lender and the son have set some very good examples for all of the society to adhere to. These two men have provided us with concrete evidence that even in this world today, there are kind and helpful people out there.

A Saudi man by the name of Salman stated that whereas the son did an incredibly selfless act, the act of the lender was much greater or equally great, selfless and an example for all.

The amount of 1 million Saudi Riyals is not under any circumstances a very small amount, or an amount that one would just throw away. This clearly proved that there are still some very good humans out there.

This story is indeed a true eye-watering one, where the son does not consider where he will live but instead decides to sell off his own house in order to ensure that his father is debt free.

This is truly an example of how the son should step up when the father becomes old.

Source: Emirates 247

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