Saudi singer signed tissue to be sold for SR 30,000

A Saudi online store has just put up a tissue paper signed by a Saudi singer Mohammad Abdu on sale for SR 29,999. 

Mohammad Abdu is a popular Saudi singer enjoying fame since 1961. His fans across the world enjoy his music and soulful voice.

His signed tissue, which says that “This is the handkerchief of Mohammad Abdu” has been put up on sale by an online store named “Alberwaaz” for a whooping SR 30,000.

If you cannot afford to pay SR 30,000 at once, you can buy it in 4 monthly installments of SR 7,500/month. 

Social media users have generally shown sarcasm. They believe that such a culture shall be abandoned and people should not buy such “useless” things worth fortunes.

People said that they won’t be buying it even if its price dropped to a few Riyals.

Source: AlBerwaaz

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