Saudi Student gave birth while taking an exam in Makkah

Zuhoor, a young Saudi student who was a part of the home-schooling system, gave birth to a baby girl in the high school examination hall in Makkah.

She was sitting in the examination hall to appear in her English paper. All of a sudden she started screaming and crying and went into labor.

When the school supervisors rushed to ask about her situation, she stated that she was about to give birth what she had not expected on that day.

The High school high teacher, Ruqaya Hawsawi said the student started feeling unwell the mid-way through her exam and decided to finish the test and hand over the paper.

Hawsawi explained that this caused an extreme disturbance in the examination hall and in order to reduce the stress, the supervisor of the examination hall helped her to get out of the hall along with two other staff members.

The medical team and Red Crescent were called but the baby was born before they could arrive. The supervisor and two school workers helped the student at the time she was delivering the baby.

The newborn who is now named Zainab has now gone to her home with her mother. Their family thanked the school officials for handling the situation.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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