Saudi Professor died on the stage while receiving performance award in Jeddah

Death is inevitable, and no one knows the time when the soul will depart from the body leaving it just a flesh and bones unable to do anything. When the time of death comes, no science or medical procedure can prevent a person from dying.

Some are a natural death, after some disease, some by accidents and some are unexpected. Recently a news was reported from Jeddah, A Saudi female professor died on the stage while receiving her academic award.  ‘Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return’.

Prof. Nisreen Ismail Al-Banawi, an associate professor at the College of Economics and Administration in King Abdul Aziz University (KAU) and a mother of four, was delivering her speech on the stage during a gathering to honor her for her academic contribution. She suddenly stopped and asked everyone to be silent. She then fell unconsciously on the stage.

Organizers rushed to help her, ambulance and paramedic team was called. The professor was taken to nearby hospital, where she was diagnosed with acute bleeding in the brain. She was hospitalized and the medical teams attempted to resuscitate her but she was pronounced dead after two days.

King Abdul Aziz University announced the death of Al-Banawi on its Twitter account on Sunday and extended its condolences to the family of the professor. The news of her death went viral on social media platforms.

Writers and public figures posted comments under the Arabic hashtag #WeAreAllNisreenBanawi. People started expressing their concern over safety measures inside the university.

Some of the people started blaming the University for the Cause of death of the professor, they said the AC system was off before the event started and this might have affected the professor. They said she was a patient of hypertension.

While some blamed that the ambulance arrived late and some criticized the paramedics. After the reaction of the people, the university administration replied in a press statement, that Nisreen Al-Banawi died of natural death.

It also claimed that university medical staff who appeared during the incident took every possible step to save her life. Furthermore, the university said the concerns presented by the people on social media were untrue.

What a moment it would have been for her to achieve such an award but life had other plans for her, the end. Still, she will live and stay alive in the hearts of many, in the texts, in the history and as long as the history prevails for academic achievement means staying in the hearts of several students.

Source: Arab News

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