8 conditions for Saudi professional verification program

Saudi HRSD Ministry has launched the fourth phase of the “Professional Verification” program under which doctors, engineers, accountants, technicians, and paramedical staff will have to pass a test for the Iqama renewal.

5 Stages – Professional Verification Implementation

The professional verification program will be implemented in five stages in Saudi Arabia;

  • 1st Phase – July 01, 2021: companies with 3,000 or more workers.
  • 2nd Phase – Sep 01, 2021: companies with 500 to 2,999 workers.
  • 3rd Phase – Oct 01, 2021: companies with 50 to 499 workers.
  • 4th Phase – Nov 03, 2021: establishments with 6 to 49 workers.
  • 5th Phase – Jan 02, 2022: establishments with less than 6 workers.

Check exam eligibility of worker

A worker in Saudi Arabia can check the exam eligibility under Professional Verification Program through the SVP Qiwa website. In order to do that;

check eligibility of worker in saudi arabia

  • Occupation XXX is not required to take the exam yet: It means that you are required to take the test under the Saudi professional verification program but it is not yet required.
  • The labor did not pass the exam in occupation: It means that you need to register on the Qiwa website (explained below). It does not mean that you have failed the test.
  • The labor passed the exam in occupation: Congratulations on passing the Saudi professional verification test.

check eligibility of worker in saudi arabia

Professional verification test Structure

Saudi professional verification program will include practical and theoretical tests in the workers’ specialized fields.

  • The fee for the Saudi professional verification test is SR 650.
  • There will be 15 MCQs in an exam for 30 mins.
  • There will also be a practical exam in a laboratory according to your profession.

Professions to be Tested?

It will target more than 1,099 professions belonging mainly related to the following bodies;

  1. Accounts-related professions registered with SOCPA.
  2. Engineers and technicians registered with Saudi Council of Engineers.
  3. Doctors and paramedical staff registered with SCFHS.

8 Conditions for professional verification program Test

The mandatory test for the Saudi professional verification program will be conducted with the following terms and conditions;

  1. The test must be conducted by one of the approved centers for the program.
  2. The Iqama professions who are required to take the test will be updated from time to time on the SVP website.
  3. The minimum passing score for the test is 50%.
  4. An expat can take a test a maximum of 3 times. In case of failure 3 times, the final exit will be issued.
  5. There are two sections of the Saudi professional verification program test;
    • Computer-based theoretical test.
    • Practical Test.
  6. The duration of the theory test is 30 minutes.
  7. In case the test is leaked, the license of the center will be canceled.
  8. The validity of the Saudi professional verification certificate is 5 years. An expat is required to take the exam after every 5 years.

How to register?

HRSD is urging all establishments to begin the verification process by registering on the program’s website https://svp.qiwa.sa/?locale=en

Benefits of the program

  1. Saudi professional verification program will prevent unskilled workers from entering the country because they have harmed the national economy.
  2. The decision will allow only professional workers to pass the exam and meet the standards of their professions in the labor market. Only professional workers can receive a national professional license to practice their profession.
  3. It will improve Saudization in the private sector as many skilled workers would not be able to pass the exam.

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