Saudi Prince executed for Murder of a Citizen – Justice for All

You must have never heard about a Prince getting punished or executed to death and a citizen getting justice. It is usually said that Prince is given an extra edge and their bad acts or illegal activities are always hidden or covered up. This is not the case in Saudi Arabia. Though it was not heard for a long period of time about the death execution of any prince or royal member, recently there was a case. The last case when a member of the royal family was executed to death was in 1975 named, Faisal Bin Musaid Al-Saud. However, once again Saudi courts have proved that they are fair, unbiased and serve justice without any discrimination. A Saudi Prince was executed in the third week of this month after it was proved that he murdered a citizen.[irp]

The case started 3 years ago when a prince shot a Saudi citizen dead during a rough quarrel among a group of men. This was stated by the country’s interior ministry that the incident took place in Al Thumama region, on the outskirts of the capital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  On October 18, 2016, Prince Turki Bin Saud Al Kabeer was found guilty in the court for shooting a Saudi man.  The method of execution was not specified but usually, the punishment is death (beheading in the public square) in the Kingdom.  After the investigations of the death of Adeel Bin Suleiman Bin Abdul Kareem Muhammad, the Prince was arrested and now sentenced to death and the order was sent to the general court.

A Royal Decree was held responsible for this case for justice. Both the Supreme Court and the court of appeal agreed with the decision.  The victim’s family was offered money in exchange for blood to which they denied and demanded justice. As stated by the interior ministry of the Kingdom, King Salman is always very keen for the enforcement of security, God’s judgment, and justice.  He also emphasized that not only the common people but even the Prince won’t be forgiven for shedding the blood of innocent people.

According to the list made by some news agency, Prince Turki Bin Suleiman Bin Abdul Kareem’s execution was the 134th execution in this year. On Social media, Saudis said that this was very shocking news for them as they never imagined such thing happening in the Kingdom while the others praised their ministry and the King for their justice and equality for everyone. A Saudi lawyer tweeted that the citizens are happy to see that there is no discrimination between the bigger people and the smaller ones.[irp]

This act of justice reminds me a hadith of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. It was narrated from Jabir that a woman from Banu Makhzum stole (something), and she was brought to the Prophet. She sought the protection of Umm Salamah, but the Prophet said: “If Fatimah bint Muhammad were to steal, I would cut off her hand.” And he ordered that her hand is cut off. Sunan an-Nasa’i 4891

Source: Al Arabiya


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