Saudi Police will take your car if it is parked for more than 24 hours at one place

It is quite evident that the Saudi people just absolutely love their cars, and with cars come a few repercussions such as traffic jams, need for parking and emissions. Different countries have been trying different methods to combat the issue of parking especially, with more and more countries resorting to multi-level car parks or multi-level underground car parks to combat the issue. The Municipality in Jeddah has now made it mandatory for every public car park operator in the region of Jeddah and the surrounding suburb area to report any and all vehicles which have been parked at these car parks for more than 24 hours. The operators have been instructed to inform the traffic department as well as the police. The news was in accordance to the Makkah Daily.[irp]

The Municipality of Jeddah has also made it obligatory to make a record of the number plates or registration numbers of all the vehicles which are parked in the same location for more than 24 hours. The information then should be forwarded to the traffic and police department so that they can immediately verify if any of the vehicles on the list have been associated with any past or current crimes such as theft or any other offense of if any APB or all-points bulletin has been issued on the vehicles on the list. The Jeddah Municipality has intended to offer a number of investment opportunities in car parks in several districts on the southern and central parts of Jeddah city.

This move is following a successful trial run in the downtown Jeddah (Al Balad) and Al Hindawiyah area as well as at the King Fahd Bridge. These sites for car parking facilities had been rented in the Al Thaalibah district which is located in the Southern part of Jeddah, while another site has also been allocated for a multi-storey car parking facility as well as shops in the Thagher district.

The period of investment for the sites for the car parking facilities range from between 5 to 15 years. The Municipality of Jeddah has put in a condition on the investors of these sites that they must build these car parks in accordance with the Saudi Building Code. The Jeddah Municipality has also made it mandatory to display the fee for parking clearly and to also allocate five percent of the total parking spaces for the physically challenged parking spots.[irp]

It has also been made mandatory that all of these car parking facilities will have to have sufficient lighting, mobile gates and also signboards which indicate the speed limits and also the turns. Additionally, supervisors are to be on site at all times in order to prevent the people from misusing the car parking facilities. This is a great initiative by the Municipality as well as the government authorities to battle the issue of insufficient parking spaces in the major cities across the Kingdom.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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