Saudi Police busts a prostitution ring in Riyadh

Saudi police have busted a prostitution ring in Saudi Arabia. The ring was accused of setting porn accounts on social media to lure the young citizens of the nation.

They would later call the youth to an apartment where they robbed them and forcibly film them in an immoral position. Later they would use their footage to blackmail them.

The Saudi prosecutors have investigated the case and finalized a probe with the ring.

It is also disclosed that the ring had set up a prostitution den. They would prompt it online to lure the youth in an aim to blackmail them later.

The investigation also disclosed that the ring was comprised of three members who admitted to the charges. The nationality of the three was not disclosed.

In cooperation with the competent agencies, they also disclosed that the ring has violated religious and public moralities. Tough penalties would be imposed on the culprits followed by deportation from Saudi Arabia.

Last year, the action was taken against another such group operated by Filipino workers. They were running a massage center on private property.

Source: Gulf News

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