Saudi Police arrests a man who raped a 7-years old Pakistani girl

The girl went missing

Taif is a place in Saudi Arabia abundantly inhabited by Asians and other countries nationals, a tragic incident occurred there recently. On August 16, 2017, the Taif police were informed that a Pakistani girl aged 7 years had gone to a nearby grocery store and did not return back to home.

According to the sources, the small girl asked her mother for some money. Her mother first refused to give her the money, yet later provided her with it. The girl went out to the grocery store to fetch herself some edibles.

However, when the girl did not return even after an hour, it alarmed the mother. She called her relatives and rushed the girl to the hospital.

The girl was raped in one hour

According to press sectary of Makkah, the girl was found after an hour, in a state of unconsciousness near her house. Her neighbors informed her that the daughter was seen covered in blood and lying near their house.

Sources revealed that the girl was taken to King Abdulaziz specialist hospital for treatment.  The girl was not in the state to brief that what had actually happened to her, yet the doctors unfolded that the girl has been made a victim of rape.

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Who was the Culprit?

According to some people, the girl was taken away by a boy who gave her chocolates. He took her to a nearby abandoned place and physically assaulted her. This alarmed the police and it came to action. The police arrested a 17 years old African suspect.

The suspect had a criminal background and lives in the same locality as of the girl. Upon investigation, the 17 years old African national disclosed that he had committed the crime. This is sad news.

What is the condition of the Girl?

17 years old, making a 7 years old victim of rape! The boy has now been handed down to the public prosecution. The little victim of rape is physically and physiologically unfit to disclose what had happened to her.

She is under observation and is being provided with the best treatment. She is regularly visited by female social workers who monitor her. These workers are also providing the family with moral support.

It has also been revealed that even after the girl is discharged from the hospital, she will be monitored by psychiatrists and psychologists.

Adel Al Thabiti who is a representative of Human rights in the National assembly of Taif, and the manager of King Abdul Aziz Hospital, Ali Al-Zahrani also paid a visit to the poor girl. They were there to see if the girl is provided with adequate health care and psychological services.

Provision of Services

They were indeed satisfied with the provision of these services and appreciated the efforts of the medical, technical and social work staff of the hospital. We hope that the girl swiftly recovers and the culprit is punished.

We hope for the girl’s bright future and may Allah protect our daughters from such beasts! Ameen.

The lesson from the Story

I would like to address parents here. Do not let your child go alone even to a nearby place. This is unsafe for them!

Source: Arab News

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