Saudi police arrests 2 expats for harassing women

According to the authorities, two of the Syrian men harassed a group of women in a café. A video went viral on social media where a group of women at a local café were being harassed by two expats in Saudi Arabia. One of the harassers uploaded a video on social media where he was verbally abusing the women at a local café as he approached them.

The men attempted to flirt with them. The video has a clear voice recording. A woman can also be heard in the video. The woman is speaking amicably with them, yet it is not clear if she was with them or not.

The spokesman for Riyadh police department, Chaker bin Suleiman Al Tuwaijiri, made a statement informing that the sad incident took place inside a local café located at a residential compound.

Both expats have been arrested

He assured that both the men have been arrested and shall face punishment for their crimes. They had disrespected Saudi culture by harassing the women and uploading a highly inappropriate video.

What punishment will they get is, however unclear. If they are trialed according to the Kingdom’s anti-sexual harassment laws, they shall face 2 years of imprisonment and a fine of 100,000 riyals.

This case along with others has been observed in the country when the law governing anti-harassment acts is ensuring strict punishment. The law governing bodies is ensuring placement of such punishment that is able to curb out the harassment against women.

Another case of Harassment

In recent months, Saudis raised alarm over the fact that authorities weren’t properly applying the anti-sexual harassment law. They explained how incidents are reported only when they go viral; legal outcomes or punishments remain hidden from the public. 

This case, in particular, has sparked outrage in the country. Even though we as action stand against all such acts, yet this is one of the most horrible case where men are performing such acts as though it is an act of pride.

However, the reaction on social media is quite mixed up. On the one hand, people are glad that the harassers are arrested. Yet there are few who blamed the women for partying out.

We as a society need to understand that when men approach women to call names at them, hoot at them or abuse them, they are daring other men to do so.

Sexual harassment has been a social issue for long. The country faces harassment issues on a daily basis. According to the study, in 2014, 80% of women aged 18 to 48 faced sexual harassment.

Source: Sabq

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