Saudi Police arrested two people on harassment videos

A harassment incident was reported on social media and soon the offender was arrested by the Saudi Authorities. According to the official news, the offender who is in his 20s was arrested within 24 hours.

The incident took place in Dammam, was captured by a CCTV. A woman was abused from behind by a man as she was leaving the grocery store. As soon as the voices were raised against the harasser, Saudi Arabia’s Attorney General Saud Al-Moajab gave immediate orders of the arrest of the harasser.

The Police spokesman Col. Ziyad Al-Riqaiti did not reveal the identity of both the offender yet it was made clear that they have been arrested.

People of Saudi Arabia have highly condemned these acts as they share the videos of the harassers. They say they stand with such victims and have pledged the government to take strong actions against the offenders.

Women in Saudi Arabia stood against harassment

Women of Saudi Arabia should not stay quiet on such incidents. They shall report them and make sure justice is served to them!

According to Noura Shaaban, the member of Shoura Council: “We live in the reign of King Salman, who has ensured that women must work in a safe environment.”

She also assured that King Salman has issued laws to fight against the harassment. Women in Saudi Arabia shall be given the freedom to continue their lives and daily activities. They have full support from their leaders.

The punishment for Harassment

The law provides for penalties of up to two years in prison and fines of u years in prison and to pay a fine up to SR100,000 ($26,664.5). In 2017, a royal decree states that harassment poses danger to society, individuals and people. It is also against the Islamic laws, customs of Saudi Arabia and our cherished traditions.

Source: Arab News

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