Saudi police arrested a woman for taking part in Kiki Challenge

What is Kiki Challenge? We all know that Kiki challenge is a dance trend where an individual dance alongside a moving car to Canadian Rapper Drake’s song, ‘In my feeling’.

It all just started as a fun when a comedian posted a video of himself on his Instagram account busting some moves to this song, however, the original video was not alongside the moving car but just on the road outside his vehicle bust soon it took the world by storm.

People started posting their videos jumping out of the moving car and dancing and this new trend was named as Kiki challenge or in my feeling challenge.

Kiki Challenge in the Arab World: Since the last two weeks, this challenge swept across the Arab world too. It was just taken as fun and games. Arab people also started jumping out of the car and dancing to the drake’s song. However, this challenge also turned into global safety issue and police are warning its people.

In the Saudi Kingdom, we can only imagine boys and men performing Kiki challenge but this weekend a woman in Saudi Arabia dared to take part in the Kiki challenge and joined the viral trend.

Viral Video: A video showing a woman doing Kiki challenge went viral on Saudi social media. Many criticized her for her dance in public and wearing an explicit outfit in the Kingdom. As soon as the video went viral the authorities in Saudi Arabia arrested that woman, however, the nationality of the woman is yet not revealed.

It was reported by Akhbaar 24 that Al Sharqiya area’s officials including Prince Ahmad bin Fahad bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, the Governor of the area issued orders to arrest the violator of the law.

Expected Charge Sheet: A Saudi Lawyer Hadi Al Salem said that the defendant will now face three different legal punishments for committing three different crimes.

One of the crimes she committed has she violated the traffic rules, the other crime is she wore revealing clothes in the public and the third she went against the Sharia Law.

Expected Punishment: Al Salem further said, if the defendant will be found guilty under the public decency law then she will have to face up to three months’ imprisonment and a fine of three hundred Saudi Riyals or both penalties.

People of the Kingdom gave a different opinion on her arrest. Some said she deserves to be arrested because she has violated the laws of the kingdom while some people disagreed with this step and opposed the decision of arresting her.

They all just had one question, did she commit any crime? While some opposed this decision saying she is arrested because she is a girl while a boy who burned cars and terrorized people in the streets is free to roam everywhere.

However, since this challenge spread the Arab world it was not the first arrest made by the Authorities. Last week three men were arrested in Abu Dhabi for taking part in the challenge because of safety measures.

Source: Akhbar 24

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