Saudi Police arrested a man for inciting immorality online

There always have been people living in every age who have been proving that not everyone should have a freedom of speech. There are certain limits and ethics, moral values and art of using the words to express your feelings.

You have a difference of an opinion, okay, understandable, but it does not mean you start bad mouthing and using words that are inappropriate. Getting followers on social media is no big deal nowadays.

Using foul language or saying anything against the religion is not tolerated in any part of the world or any religion. Making videos and posting on social media sites just to get admiration from others is common nowadays.

Similarly, a man from Saudi Arabia was active on social media and has been making videos which are going viral in recent weeks. He was followed by almost half million people; it means many people were interested to watch his videos.

In many of his videos, he started to criticize Islam and Saudi Arabia for implementing Sharia Law. His word shocked his followers. Allah better knows why he started speaking illicit.

As a citizen of Saudi Arabia, he was aware of the law of Saudi Arabia and he is a mature person who knows that no one will ever tolerate him for speaking against the religion.

People were shocked by the content of his videos that went viral, people and follower of social media sites showed their angry reaction on him, and demanded that he should be arrested.

Some source stated that the man is mentally ill because a sane person cannot talk anything terrifying about the religion. Every Muslim, Saudi citizen and his beloved follower all just wanted him to be arrested, investigated and punished harshly for speaking against the Islam and Saudi Arabia.

As soon as his video went viral, the Saudi law enforcing agencies came into action and police arrested him on Thursday.  Riyadh police announced that a Saudi man was arrested for ‘showing off his sins’ and ‘inciting immorality’ in now-viral social media videos.

They said that this man was identified, tracked down and arrested, and now he will face charges under the Kingdom’s cybercrime law. The public prosecution office in the Kingdom has been informed of the case and will take action against the defendant.

Source: Sabq

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