Saudi police arrest a father for beating his daughter inhumanely

Every child is different from others. Some kids learn things fast, some don’t. As parents, the most we can do is to take special care for such children and seek timely medical assistance.

But, as a parent of special children, we cannot be cruel to them! I mean by any means you can’t beat the hell out of a child if he/she is unable to walk, speak or stand at the appropriate age! But what is wrong with us?

Every now and then, we have a case of child abuse and torture over not learning “on time”. This “on time” learning is “humanly set ideal” and does not fit every child. Parents of such children need to calm down!

A Tragic Incident

A tragic case has been reported in Saudi Arabia where a man in his 40 and a father of four was seen torturing his baby girl for not standing. The video of the abuse went viral on social media and the criminal investigation team started a manhunt for the culprit.

The Viral Video

The video shows a small girl trying her best to stand up, yet when unable get beaten up by none other than her father! The video of beating his baby girl for not standing up went viral on Social media and people showed an angry reaction and raised their voices against the cruel and erring father calling the authorities to take strict action against him.

in Saudi Arabia a man beats his young daughter severely

Posted by Karim Benmauri Karim on Saturday, September 21, 2019

What happened to the culprit?

The man was arrested from the Casablanca neighborhood in the south of Riyadh city. Riyadh Police spokesman after arresting the culprit said that they will, provide necessary care to his four children in coordination with the concerned authorities and legal action will be taken against the father.

The culprit was identified by analyzing the electronic identifier of the information content of the crime and was arrested. The public prosecution declared to follow all that would violate the social security system through the competent authority and also ensure the protection and safety of the individuals and children in particular.

After the video of his torture went viral, he made another video with his daughter explaining that his wife and the mother of his daughter uploaded the video with a malicious intention and she is going through a difficult mental state.

The spokesperson of the Riyadh police also declared that the Ministry of Interior is keen about the security of their homeland, its citizens as well as the expatriates. 

Source: Saudi Gazette

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