Saudi pays SR 10 million Mahar to his Moroccan wife

Dowry or Mahar is the money or gift that is transferred to the bride at the time of marriage. The main purpose of this tradition is to provide security to the woman if she faces any hardship in the future.

The system of Dowry is different in many parts of the world. In South Asian countries, Dowry is transferred to a daughter by her parents, that dowry might contain household items, property, or cash money and it can also be in any other form.

In South Asian countries the dowry and Mahar have treated two different things. Dowry is paid by the parents of the bride to the girl while Mahar is agreed or paid by the Groom to the bride. However, the amount of Mahar is almost negligible as compared to the amount of dowry.

In Middle Eastern countries the word dowry and Mahar are used interchangeably. Mahar is provided to Bride family from the groom side, in addition, some time groom has to pay for bride’s dress or expenses of marriage.

Nowadays the demands of girls are rising and they want the innumerable amount of dowry. Many girls don’t get married until they get their desired dowry. This is the reason the number of spinsters is increasing every year.

Either the woman is waiting for a perfect match or they are demanding good dowry, which is a concern for her parents as well as for the men. Recently news went viral which reported a groom paid the expensive Mahar to his bride at the time of marriage.

He paid an amount of 10 million Riyals ($2.66 million) as Dowry to his Moroccan bride. However, in some regions of Saudi Arabia, an officially fixed dowry amount is SR 50,000 for an unmarried woman while SR 30,000 is fixed for the divorcee. This was indeed surprising news for everyone.

As soon as this news was published this story went viral on social media sites. Everyone was amazed to hear such news while some said it is just rumor, such news doesn’t really exist. 10 million Riyals is said to be a huge amount and this is the first time I heard that a groom paid this amount as dowry.  

However, the story is yet not confirmed by the authorities. Moreover, no one is aware of the groom. Is he a famous personality or a local citizen? We hope the authorities will announce the reality soon.

Source: Al Mokhtasr

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